Special Information

Priviliges of Membership

Can participate in various programmes organized by the branch

  1. Entitled to receive the copy of the journal of the IMA and other publications either free of charge or at such charge as the association may fix.
  2. Have the right to attend and take part in the discussions in all general and clinical meetings, lectures, demonstrations , seminars, conferences, etc of the association,
  3. Can move through the Central Council and the Working Committee of the association to take necessary actions in matters affecting the profession
  4. Can take part in the study tours abroad, arranged by IMA for its members,
  5. Have the insurance scheme started by the IMA for its members with the New India Assurance Company, which provides legal protection to the doctors, against law suits, that they may be involved in on account of professional negligence, errors, omissions, etc.
  6. Are entitled to receive help and guidance for post graduate training abroad, under the residency  and training programmes,
  7. Can be an affiliated member of the British Medical Association during their stay at UK and enjoy the privileges of the affiliated membership of IMA as provided under the agreement of mutual affiliation,
  8. By having IMA College of General Practitioners, it is doing a wonderful work, for the Continuing Medical Education.  The IMA Academy of Medical Specialties is also playing a very effective role.
  9. Have a sense of Solidarity, Security and Belonging
  10. IMA is conducting Post Graduate Certificate courses, -CME Programmes (Distance learning)- to help in better delivery of Health Care to the patients through IMA AKN SINHA  INSTITUTE-New Delhi
  11. Since IMA College of General Practitioners is conducting the regular examinations twice a year and by becoming a successful candidate, you are eligible for the award o Fellowship.
  12. In addition there is also IMA Academy of Medical Specialties
  13. There is also IMA Service Doctors, Wing and Hospital and Nursing Home Boards.
  14. If deserving you can get scholarship and stipend.
  15. You are eligible for the Social Security Scheme for the benefit of yourself and your  family ,
  16. Can keep you immune by Professional Protection Scheme against Consumer Protection Act etc.
  17. Those who are deserving can get help during illness or old age from the benevolent fund
  18. By forming the united front and collective opinion and thereby influence the Government and the concerned authorities to the benefit of the members and the profession
  19. Eligible for registration once in 5 years as per the recent announcement of the INDIAN MEDICAL COUNCIL by attending CME programmes, lectures etc of the IMA and thereby crediting  150 hours accredit ion certificate.
  20. Can give a helping hand to eradicate quackery – a menace to the society in which we live.
  21. Get the professional grievances redressed and the difficulties resolved through IMA.
  22. The support  of IMA solidly for the rightful struggles ,for you better service conditions, living status and protest against  any laws ,measures etc that may affect the members and the medical profession
  23. IMA offers you CME by means of  lectures and expertise from experienced specialists.

                                                   “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL“

 “We are in a noble profession
    Doctors are held in high esteem in Society
    We must uphold the highest standard of Ethics”