President's Message

Dear Colleagues,
Greetings to all,
As per the request of our member’s, this news letter comes with information about “BIOMEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT”- BMW(M).
Bio-medical waste means any waste, which is generated during
diagnosis, treatment,
immunization of human beings or animals,  
research activities pertaining thereto,
in the production or testing of  biological or
in health camps.
Biomedical waste (Healthcare waste) is
85% Non-infectious        &       15% Infectious /Hazardous.
Steps in Biomedical Waste Management (CRADLE TO GRAVE)
Characterization, Quantification,    Segregation,
Storage,   Transportation,   Disposal
Present Scenario
According to the MoE,F&CC (Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change)

  • Gross generation of BMW in India is 484 TPD (Tonnes Per Day) from 1,68,869 healthcare facilities (HCF), out of which 447 TPD is treated,
  • Almost 38 TPD of wastes is left untreated and not disposed finding its way in dumps or water bodies and re-enters our system.

The MoE, F&CC has notified the new BMW (M) Rules, 2016 on 28th March, under the Environment (Protection) Act.


Bio-medical Waste Management Rules 2016


Type of Bag/Container used


Treatment / Disposal options


Non-chlorinated plastic bags

Separate collection system leading to effluent treatment system

a) Human Anatomical Waste
b) Animal Anatomical Waste
c) Soiled waste
d)Expired or Discarded Medicines
e)Chemical Waste
f)Micro, Bio-t and other clinical Lab waste
g)Chemical Liquid Waste

Incineration or Plasma Pyrolysis or deep burial



Non-chlorinated plastic bags or containers

Contaminated Waste (Recyclable) tubing, bottles, intravenous tubes and sets, catheters, urine bags, Syringes(without needles) and gloves.

Auto/ Micro/Hydro and then sent for recycling. Not be sent to landfill


Puncture, Leak, tamper proof containers

Waste sharps including Metals

Auto or Dry Heat Sterilization followed by shredding or mutilation or encapsulation




Cardboard boxes with blue colored marking


Disinfection or auto/Micro/hydro and then sent for recycling.



Bio Hazard Symbol

Cytotoxic Hazard Symbol


biohazard symbol.png



Handle with care
Note: Label shall be non-washable and prominently visible

Annual report
Every occupier/operator shall submit an annual report to the prescribed authority in Form –ii by 31st January every year, to include information about the categories and quantities of BMW handled during the preceding year.
We segregate the biomedical waste as per color codes and hand over to the common facilitator  for proper disposal as per the norms given above. 
Clinic or hospital who handle biomedical waste should have an MOU with common facilitator Technotherm Cbe, Kovai biowaste for biomedical waste disposal.
Other than clinics all hospitals should have biomedical waste authorisation from Pollution Control Board.
While handing over to Common facilitator the bio-medical waste     must be weighed and entered in the prescribed form that has to be filed and kept.

For Reference:,%202016.pdf
Let us follow this to make an ecofriendly, pleasing and green healthy atmosphere.
Thanks everyone.
Happy Doctor’s Day!!