Special Information

IMA  Academy of Medical Specialities
105, IMA Building, Esamia Bazar, Hyderabad–500027;
Tell: 040-24656378, Fax: 040-24738197, E-mail: imaapstate@yahoo.co.in
The Membership of IMA AMS as on 31-12-2008 is 8742. Uttarpradesh & Tamilnadu State Chapters have stood First and Second place in enrollment during 2008.
Workshops: IMA AMS HQs.proposes to organize workshops on various topics of medical interest like Energy Conservation, De Addiction & De-Alcoholism, Sudden Cardiac Death, Heart Failure, Interpretation of Arrhythmias, Interpretation of Normal & Abnormal Angiography, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Preventive Cardiology, Nephrology & Mental Health in States & Branches 
Various Sate Chapters and Branch Chapters are being contracted to conduct State and Branch workshops with special emphasis on the specialist doctors.
AMS Courses: Infertility and ART, Endoscopic Surgery in Gynae, Fluorescein Angiography and Laser Photocoagulation in Retinal, Excismer, Laser & Lasik Surgery, Phacoemulsification, General Surgery of Laparoscopic, Training in Laparoscopic Surgery, Combined Obs. & Gynae, & General, Noninvasive Cardiology, Echocardiography, TMT, etc., Critical Care in Cardiology, Advance Microear Surgery, Functional Endoscopic Sinus, Laser in ENT & Tracho-Bronchial. Rhinoplasty Joint Replacement, Orthoscopic, Spine Surgery.  These courses are recognized by the Academy.
Acknowledge Talent, Expertise: We shall keep up the trend of identifying and felicitating talented members of the profession to promote higher technical advances in the field of medicine.
Doctors day awards: Like previous years, we plan to award the specialists on Doctors Day.
AME Fellowship: The procedure for award of IMA AMS Fellowship is as per schedule. As per previous years, the last date for the receipt of the nominations shall be 15th Nov.2009.
IMA AMS Awards & Orations:  Awards as under have been given during the Annual Conference and Convocation.
i.     Best State Chapter Award
ii.    Chairman’s appreciation award for Best State Chapter
iii.   Best Branch chapters award
iv.    Chairman’s appreciation award for Best Branch Chapters
v.    Membership enrollment award (Individual Member enrolling maximum number of members).
vi.    Membership drive award
vii.   Chairman’s appreciation award (Individual)
viii.  Secretary’s appreciation award to Best States. 
Academic Conferences
During 2008 three Regional Academic Conferences were held at Agra on 31-08-2008 (North Zone) at Pune, on 4th & 5th October 2008 (West Zone) and at Dhanbad on 07-11-2008 (East Zone). The National Conference of IMA AMS-AMSCON 2008 & Convocation were held on 13th & 14th Dec.2008 at Varanasi.

Dr. M. Bhaskaran                                                                                Dr. B.N. Reddy
Chairman                                                                                               Hony. Secreta