Tobacco smoking is a menace haunting the mankin Tobacco is a global threat. .  It is a major public health issue that demands urgent action now Only remedy for the whole country/people is to ban planting tobacco plant. If Unchecked tobacco related deaths will increase to death of more than eighty lacks  per year by 2030.                                                                                                                                                              

The syllabus of NEET is covered by CBSE but not by other state boards, students could. the MCI is of the opinion that NEET would avoid multiple entrance tests and minimise corruption and irregularities in admissions to medical courses, while the IMA has welcomed the apex court’s decision, saying it will help safeguard the sanctity of the medical profession. The intention of moving towards a single entrance exam is welcome, but ideally, NEET should be implemented uniformly across all States, superseding all examinations from 2017, instead of 2016. This way, teachers and students get sufficient time for preparation

A medical professional is a qualified doctor who abides and is fully committed to the ethical principles and values of the medical profession.