Special Information

Dear Doctor,
                                      YOU PLEASE !!!
-Realize the importance of belonging to the National Medical Association
-Fully aware of the Activities of the Association
-Be an active member of the Coimbatore Branch of IMA
- Always as far as possible pay the payments by cheques only,
-Get receipts for all the payments to IMA
-Give suggestions how best the IMA can be of useful to you
- Please bring to our Notice if there is anything wrong anywhere in our Coimbatore Branch of IMA
-Bring to our notice if there is any difficulty in your professional life that IMA could be of helpful to you.
- Keep abreast of you knowledge by attending the Continuing Medical Education Porgrammes, seminars,
  conferences, etc.etc.
 -Each one of you Admit at least one member who in turn admit at least one and let the chain reaction go on.
-Without each one of you The IMA Cannot Survive.  
                                Help your IMA to help YOU, always in all ways.