Members of Coimbatore IMA

On this happy occasion of holding ………………………………………. The Coimbatore Branch of  Indian Medical Association  Conveys its heartiest greetings to all the members of this association.

It is not only a great pleasure but each one of this members to b e proud that  it has completed on this day  92 years,  1month. Established in 05.12.1924.

92 years of existence of an association of professionals may not have significance in the history of the nation but it is a different story for the Coimbatore Branch of Indian Medical Association. 

Nevertheless thanks to the  determined  efforts of the efficient dedicated, determined presidents, Spirited secretaries,  other office bearers and  enthusiastic members the Coimbatore Branch has been able to clear all the crisis and  marching towards a bright and prosperous future. Members of our Branch has served in various capacities- in elected bodies in the parent body, in parliament, , Legislative council, legislative Assembly,  and other multifarious organizations with zeal and spirited service.  They also take part independently or  through the association  conducted b y multivarious service organizations , Clubs,  etc.

Coimbatore Branch of IMA has a tremendous past of praiseworthy and a glorious future of trust worthy for which it should march on steady steps with its long eventful career and with tremendous potential strength.  Every well wisher must come forward to make its onward journey smooth and successful.   Let us respectfully remember on this occasion those pioneers who found and con ducted the association and all these  many good men who took interest in the growth of the  “ Coimbatore Branch of Medical Association  “  an d benefitted the association by their hard work and service.  I am very much confident that  our branch will continue to serve the  Public  in general and for the cause of the profession in particular in the years to come. Let us all take active interest in the functioning of our Branch and strengthening it in its all respects.

On this occasion Let us all wish the “Coimbatore Branch of IMA a glorious journey towards its centenary! “